We Are Journalists

Blogs, social networks and globalisation of technology has meant that people can now generate their own content and report on their own community to be broadcast to the world.

The rise of user generated content (UGC) presents many opportunities and threats to news organisations. It gives the chance for ordinary citizens to bypass the mainstream media and news outlets and communicate directly with others. This has led many journalists claiming that the rise of citizen journalism means amateurism is triumphing over professional journalists. I know that I for one will search sites like twitter for citizen reports when a breaking news story occurs, as they are often there a lot quicker than the news organisations.


Why Journalism?

I was recently posed the question, ‘Why did you choose to pursue a career in Journalism?’ and I was surprised at how hard I found the question to answer. It just seemed to me that journalism has always just been a passion of mine, I have found it interesting, captivating and there is always something going on that can be reported on.